5 smart branding habits you can learn from food trucks


The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes a lot of talk about food!

In Seattle and cities alike, people love the convenience and quality of gourmet food trucks. You may not expect to find fresh pulled pork and rich grilled cheese sandwiches off the street, but these are food truck staple items that appear on nearly every menu.

So, if everyone is serving a similar menu, how do food trucks make themselves stand out?

Here are 5 main ingredients that attribute to the success of popular food trucks:

  1. An eye-catching exterior. Whether it’s the use of bright colors or a building a unique industrial design, adding some personality to the exterior of the truck always attracts attention right off the bat. For example, the mobile pig from Maximus/Minimus immediately catches the attention of passersby eager for a delicious pulled pork sandwich.
    Northwest Mobile Kitchens Brand Photography
  2. Informative messages. Being transparent is the key to success for food trucks. They must tell their customers exactly where to find them on any given day. Similarly, all businesses must communicate to their audience and provide opportunities for people to engage with the brand.
  3. Game-changing good service. As I mentioned, there are numerous grilled cheese sandwiches out there, so why would you buy one from a particular food truck? Personally, trying a delicious sandwich from a place that has great service is a done deal. I wouldn’t even consider going to another place the next time I craved comfort food.
    Northwest Mobile Kitchens Brand Photography
  4. Secret sauce(s). A traditional cheddar cheese on buttery bread is delicious, but by adding some creativity, your sandwich might just become irresistible. Looking at the menu from The Grilled Cheese Experience, I already want to try some spicy lamb sausage, sun dried tomato, and blackberry balsamic reduction in my grilled cheese sandwich. Create your own secret sauces that people can’t resist.
    Northwest Mobile Kitchens Brand Photography
  5. An unforgettable personality. To have a strong brand, you need to know your own added value. Have a personality and stick to it. The food truck Now Make Me A Sandwich is hilarious! Their menu includes items such as “Thanksgetting”, “Buddha Call”, and “Beastie.” Just by looking at their menu, I already want to try them all!
    Northwest Mobile Kitchens Brand Photography

Next time you see a food truck, take note of the details they have included in their brand. Does the truck have a unique design? Does it make you want to stop and take a second look? Does it make you want to return over and over again? You might be inspired by these food trucks to be more colorful, original, and unexpected with your brand too.

Northwest Mobile Kitchens Brand PhotographyNorthwest Mobile Kitchens Brand Photography

Photos shared from our Northwest Mobile Kitchens shoot featuring food trucks Monte Cristo, My Chef Lynn, and Now Make Me a Sandwich

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