Female leadership: Ensuring that the majority consumer spender is understood


Fact: In 2012, when The 3% Conference was founded by Kat Gordan, women controlled 80% of consumer spending, but only 3% of Creative Directors were female. Gordan says, “The advertising business is a $33 billion industry. Misunderstanding female consumers, from a business perspective, is sheer lunacy.”

The female Creative Director percentage is on the rise!

Results are awesome. As an agency with a female Creative Director, Schoening Digital is thrilled for The 3% Conference and its recent success!

According to the Communication Arts 2013 Advertising Annual Report, the percentage of female Creative Directors has reached 11.5% from its previous 3%.

The 3% Conference just had its 2nd birthday and released a report to celebrate the new ratio. The report includes new, updated figures, analysis of contributing factors, and a salute to Possible, an agency that undertook an audit to discover their own ratio of female Creative Directors. Possible found that 15% of their Creative Directors are female. The report states, “We believe The 3% movement may have played a small part in increased visibility of female CDs and increased participation in entries.”

Female CDs on the RiseMore inspiration behind The 3% Conference

Gordon started this organization because she felt that female consumers deserved to be marketed to from a place of understanding. She also didn’t want to see brands that targeted female audiences waste their marketing budgets in 97% male-dominated environment. In addition, she felt that children could use a healthier media diet. Well done, Kat.

Gordon created a supportive organization for both men and women in the advertising industry that provides content, community, and professional development. The 3% Conference supports men and women by offering a 2-day conference in San Francisco, multi-city road shows throughout North America, an online community, a live Super Bowl event, a student scholarship fund, a creative award, and a business blog.

Full steam ahead

As an agency with a female Creative Director, Schoening Digital, supports the mission of The 3% Conference. Thank you for building a community that supports female creative talent and leadership. Let’s keep this number growing!

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