Never Eat Alone: and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time


Schoening Digital prides itself on building and maintaining strong relationships. Whether working on a project for a friend or new connection, Schoening Digital’s team always strives to make the client’s experience awesome. One way of ensuring this is creating a bond with the client that not only makes the project run smoothly, but also so that it continues to flourish.

Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, approaches the over-examined topic of networking with a simple and fresh perspective. Ferrazzi’s idea of networking is not about becoming the alpha “networker” in the room, throwing business cards willy-nilly, or attending networking conferences.

Ferrazzi’s philosophy is about building a network one relationship at a time.

It may seem that building an entire network one relationship at a time is slow and time-consuming, but Ferrazzi’s approach is extremely efficient. The title of his book illustrates how efficient he aims to be: never eating alone. Why not strive to constantly meet new faces, check in with employees, or combine engagements with people of similar interests. Instead of feeling burnt out and needing to “clone” himself to get all his work done, he “clones the event,” by including others and effectively killing two birds with one stone.

“You have to work hard to be successful at reaching out to others, but that doesn’t mean you have to work long”

Ferrazzi writes, “I’m constantly looking to include others  in whatever I’m doing. It’s good for them, good for me, and good for everyone to broaden their circle of friends.”Ferrazzi has built his relationships over engagements such as these:

  • Share a ride to the airport with an employee.
  • Meet for fifteen minutes and a cup of coffee.
  • Share a workout or hobby (golf, chess, book club).
  • Have a quick early breakfast, lunch, or drinks after work.
  • Invite someone to a special event (concert, book-signing party, or to the theater).
  • Entertain at home and invite 1-2 people you don’t know very well. Have them leave with a whole new set of friends.

His methods have led him to bypass gatekeepers, rise above rejection, grow a robust network, and lead several successful businesses.

One of the most refreshing ideas that stems from Ferrazzi’s book and philosophy is his emphasis on generosity. He acknowledges the amount of generosity that was given to him throughout his life and approaches each new relationship as an opportunity to give, not get. All of the sudden, networking is no longer about how many contacts you have in your phone book, but how many meaningful relationships you’ve made by giving your time, energy, and thought to others. The latter is guaranteed to yield more success and substance.

Schoening Digital incorporates these values into our brand and relationships. Read more about our Founder’s 9 Networking Tips to Skyrocket your network, and the importance Schoening Digital puts on relationships.

Never Eat Alone is full of other inspirational and practical ideas and Ferrazzi’s site offers free resources too. Thank you Keith Ferrazzi for bringing a fresh and genuine perspective to networking!

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