Fair Trade USA


We have the privilege of supporting Fair Trade USA with their seasonal marketing campaigns, from their busy Mother’s Day lead-up  to their namesake month in October. We’re tasked to collaborate and lead Fair Trade team members through the initial ideation, UX, web design, web development, and launch phases of their one-off microsites, and are so pleased to find them so pleased with the end results, every time. With such a strong brand in place already, we’ve had the opportunity to emphasize the Fair Trade goodness while bringing a fresh and modern take to the look and experience.

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Custom Web Dev
Responsive Design
Database Hook-up

Visual Storytelling

Sub-brand Logo Design
Graphic Design
Shareable Content Creation
Icon design

Web Design

Custom Web Design
Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Layouts

Digital Strategy

Ideation & Brainstorming
Marketing Consulting
Project Pricing Strategy

User Experience

Annotated Wireframes

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