MaxPoint Interactive

MaxPoint is all about foot traffic and highly targeted customers. Hard to visualize? Not for us.


MaxPoint Interactive heroes the niche where digital advertising meets highly localized target audiences and storefronts. In other words, they get real people into brick-and-mortar stores. And we’re not just talking any stores. Their clients are the big guys. Schoening Digital was brought in to help MaxPoint tell their unique brand story by showing the end-result of their solutions, as in, folks shopping for a newly launched product, participating in restaurant events and openings, and hitting seasonal sales. We had the privilege of working with a team of models and a great visionary crew. Voila, MaxPoint ends up with a beautiful way to tell their not-so-hard-to-tell story.

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Brand Photography

Intensive Production & Coordination
Model Direction
Scouting and Location Direction
Brand Photography

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