An app that truly supports group adventuring. Let's RallyTo great usability and design.


RallyTo came to Schoening Digital with a fully functioning app prototype, but in need of some user experience help, branding, design, and a simple website. We restructured the app’s navigation and major screens; usability is always key, but especially with users who are in middle of a long bike ride. A sleek color palette, app icon, and high-contrast, trendy screen design helps put RallyTo on the map. A focused, on-brand, SEO-infused website helps with that too.

Visit rallyto.com


Visual Storytelling

Brand Look & Feel
Logo and App Icon Design

User Experience

Audience Targeting
Multi-navigation Restructure
Edge-case Strategy
Location Sharing Strategy
Userflow for Multiple User Roles

Web Design

Brand-cohesive App Screen Design
App and Web Iconography
Customized Blog


Customized Wordpress Website

Digital Strategy

App Pre-launch and Post-launch Strategy

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